The Art of Using Leverage in Brazilian Jiujitsu


To be able to absolutely perceive the idea of leverage let’s first have a look at a dictionary definition. defines Leverage as:

the mechanical benefit or energy gained through the use of a lever.


Positional benefit; energy to behave successfully.

In Brazilian Jiujitsu, after we consider leverage, what we’re speaking about is utilizing positional benefit over energy as within the mount place in opposition to a stronger opponent and likewise we’re speaking about utilizing strategies that use leverage over energy like within the arm bar. So that a smaller man or girl can management and submit a bigger one.

Additionally in BJJ we’re utilizing the levers of the skeletal system, arms, hips, legs, joints, and so on,… to make use of superior leverage over our opponents physique and limbs.

It is a primary rationalization, however for our dialogue right here that is all we’d like.

Finally in BJJ we’re utilizing leverage to get our opponents on the bottom and management then submit them there.

Like in Judo, BJJ additionally makes use of leverage to regulate and throw an opponent. Once you management the higher physique, the individual may be taken off steadiness. And whereas there are various methods to get an opponent off steadiness, they principally contain controlling a lever just like the higher bodyto take the opponent off steadiness and execute a throw or sweep.

In some fight sports activities like Muay Thai, Greco Roman wreslting and MMA manipulating the higher physique via management of the pinnacle is widespread.

If you manipulate the shoulders sufficiently you’ll be manipulating the higher physique as effectively. This may arrange many throws and sweeps.

Over and underneath hooks are primarily used to regulate the shoulders. Should you elevate one shoulder greater than the opposite, the opponent is taken off steadiness, and might then be thrown.

Hip throws and leg takedowns, whether or not single or double legs, are about takingthe hips off stability. The second the hips are moved backwards of sideways, the opponent could be taken off steadiness and thrown or taken down.

One strategy to management the higher physique is by transferring to the aspect of our opponent’s head, and driving with our entire physique, and pulling on the far knee. One other means is by grabbing the opponent in a clinch, and pulling the top down and to the aspect whereas forcing ahead.

Apart from below-overhook assaults, the best means that I exploit is simply to drag one shoulder down whereas pushing the opposite shoulder again, while driving forwards. This can work on even massive opponents. One other instance of that is utilizing the spider guard. Utilizing one foot on the shoulder or bicep, you push that shoulder behind your opponent’s head, whereas pulling the opposite arm deep into your guard twisting him sideways, leaving him off stability.

Many sweeps from the guard contain manipulating the hips to fold the opponent. Any sweep the place you progress the hips, scissoring your legs, utilizing hooks, tangling their legs or just pushing the hips, most of those sweeps will embrace pulling their higher physique whether or not pulling the opponent’s gi or arms. That principally applies to the vast majority of guard sweeps.

Finally BJJ is about leverage, preserving that in thoughts when studying new strategies will assist together with your understanding and progress.

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