How Much Should I Spend On A BJJ Gi

As we all know the economy is very unstable at the moment and many of us have been hit financially, some more than others. However, our new hobby is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and what can I say, this sport is awesome. We get to practice a humble martial art that has been proven to be the most effective fighting style in the world. Royce Gracie has already proved this during the early days of the Ultimate Fighting Championships. Now this sport could be inexpensive and expensive depending on how you decide to train and what piece of equipment you decide to use.

The most important piece of Jiu Jitsu Gear is of course your BJJ Gi. When you are already paying around $100 – $200 monthly for training you might not have enough cash left lying around to be able to purchase a Bjj Gi at the cost they have it at most retail MMA stores. In fact, if you were to walk into any local MMA store you would see they have their Bjj Kimonos priced at around $150 – $250. I mean seriously are you kidding me? Why would anyone ever pay anything over $150 for a simple BJJ Gi, it just does not make sense. Besides minor differences a Bjj Gi is simple a Bjj Gi. So weather you get one that has a lot of hype to it or get one from an unknown brand online, the Bjj Kimonos will all be the same. As you continue training more often like 3 – 5 times a week you would probably need at least 2 Jiu Jitsu Gis, because one would just not cut it.

If you were to train often with only one Bjj Gi, not only would your Bjj Gi reek but your washing machine would be on pretty much all the time. To avoid this many people own multiple Bjj Kimonos. Again, if you were to have the minimum amount of Gis that most people who train have which is 2, you would be looking at spending on average $400, plus tax just to train. I mean c’mon we are not all rich here and most of us do this as a hobby and not for any means of creating a profit. If you do your research there are many great Jiu Jitsu Gi brands out there that provide you with excellent quality Bjj kimonos and outstanding service. Any Jiu Jitsu Gi priced at around $70 to maximum of $110 would be an ideal price to buy a Kimono, nothing more and nothing less.

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