Comedian Jamie Kilstein Talks Veganism and BJJ

Comedian Jamie Kilstein Talks Veganism & Why You Should See His Standup
and rave reviews from critics; he’s a fit vegan jiu-jitsu fighter with rad animal rights tattoos; and now he’s once again touring with his hilarious standup. That last bit is what should … Badass fighter and Brazilian jiu-jitsu athlete. SEND THIS TO …
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Sex Predator Jumps On Top of a Woman Late at Night, But Finds Out the Hard
In what became a very unpleasant surprise for a sex predator, his early morning attempt at targeting a woman who was walking home for rape turned into a triangle hold and his ‘blacking out’ until police arrived to make an arrest. Mark Willis, the 39 …
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Jacare Souza: ‘I’m here to take the belt from this great champion who is Chris
As he told Portal do Vale Tudo, the Brazilian jiu-jitsu blackbelt respects Weidman’s grappling prowess, but believes Chris would not be able to hang with him on the mat for too long. “My styles matches his. I have seen him fight at ADCC, he is really …
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Pride Lands BJJ competitors win medals at Liberty Bell Judo Classic

Pride Lands BJJ competitors win medals at Liberty Bell Judo Classic
Several Pride Lands BJJ competitors won medals at the 28th annual Liberty Bell Judo Classic March. Submitted photos. Several Pride Lands BJJ competitors won medals at the 28th annual Liberty Bell Judo Classic March 28. From left, are silver medalist P …
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Pinoy bags gold in Pan Jiu-jitsu Championships
"Sobra addicting ang BJJ, because of its endless possibilities. You do not have to be athletic to succeed. Parang buhay ng tao ang BJJ, it has a lot of frustrations but you keep on moving forward, you keep on fighting. It's real hard to explain why I …
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Blind jiu-jitsu competitor proves he's anything but a pushover
In an environment that demands fast body movements and strong visual awareness, logic would suggest that Powell should struggle at the martial art commonly referred to as BJJ. But that could not be further from the truth. After learning that the injury …
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Metamoris: Without Ronda Rousey, women don’t ‘bring it’ when it comes to
The list of potential opponents for a grappling-only fight at Metamoris would also be a very long one, considering that the outspoken UFC champion has made some waves roughly a year ago, by stating she ‘can beat any BJJ girl in the world’. The only …
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Black Belt Doctor Mark Dearing on Bringing a Scientific Angle to Saving Jiu-Jitsu
Unfortunately for many BJJ students, exactly what it takes to transform from a white belt to a black belt (with stops at blue, purple and brown in between) isn’t clear. There’s no set curriculum at most BJJ schools and MMA gyms, it’s entirely up to the …
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BJJ world champion: ‘Rockhold can do really well at BJJ competitions’
“I trained with Luke and he is a high-level Brazilian jiu-jitsu blackbelt, not only in MMA”, he told Tatame. “If he fought in jiu-jitsu competitions, he would do really well, because he has a very straight forward game and he’s a finisher. He was a …
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BJJ Champ “Buchecha” Weighs in on Luke Rockhold’s Ground Game
If you’re sick of hearing about how good Luke Rockhold is, since he took out Lyoto Machida in memorable fashion at UFC on FOX 15, then you might want to skip this post. Yes, thanks to what Rockhold has showcased in his last four outings, the ‘he’s that …

Coach: Jon Jones is still a white belt in jiu jitsu because he needs to ‘put
UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has submitted some very good fighters in the UFC – Lyoto Machida and Vitor Belfort would be two of them. Both of those guys have black belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Jones? He’s still a white belt, believe it or not.
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