A Review of Personal Trainers and Other Fitness Services in Aberdeen

Aberdeen is Scotland’s third largest city with a population of more than 210,000. The city has a number of health and fitness clubs as well as private companies that offer other fitness related services, so there is certainly no excuse to be lazy.

The Warehouse Health Club on Mearns Street, Aberdeen has a range of classes on offer. The Mixed Martial Arts class with Marc costs 4.00 per class. As well as toning, strengthening and improving cardiovascular fitness, the classes will help anyone with confidence issues. You can also do Body Blast with Wendy at The Warehouse Health Club, which is suitable for all levels. For those who like a little dancing, there is some simple choreography in this class. With a highly choreographed step class Kerry will play the latest tunes and incorporate the latest moves for the more advanced fitness fans out there.

If it’s moving to energised music then Zumba may be the perfect choice. Zumba is Columbian slang for ‘buzz like a bee’ or ‘move fast’ and was created by the Columbian dancer and choreographer Alberto ‘Beto’ Perez in 2001. After forgetting his aerobics tapes he substituted them for his salsa and merengue music and his class loved it. It now has a worldwide following and is available in many locations within Aberdeen. Zumba fitness programmes combine the fast paced Latin rhythms with a workout that’s fun and exhilarating. It aims to tone the entire body with elements of resistance training alongside a cardio-based workout appropriate for any fitness level. Zumba classes are available with Alison Livingston at the Aberdeen Academy of Performing Arts on a Monday, the Kincorth Sports Centre on a Tuesday or the Holburn Bar on various days of the week. Alison urges people to join her as every class feels like a party and it’s not necessary to know how to dance. Many people do want to learn to dance.

Dancing not only improves fitness levels, it also gives participants skills that can be used socially at weddings or dinner dances. As with classes in any area of fitness, there is also the opportunity to meet new people and learn how to work at something together. Dance classes are available throughout Aberdeen. Citymoves is the dance agency for North East Scotland and is part of Aberdeen City Council’s Education, Culture & Sport Service. It nurtures and supports the work of dance artists, groups, tutors, creators and companies, and takes a lead role in dance development in the city of Aberdeen and the North East. A range of inclusive dance activities are available at Citymoves for people of all ages and abilities, including ballet, tap, jazz, creative, contemporary, traditional and world dances. Classes and workshops in the studio attract participants from a fifty mile radius of the City. Classes and workshops are also run at outreach venues throughout Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire.

The Northern Dance Club provides tuition in Ballroom and Latin American dancing, for complete beginners, and improvers, as well as a fun social dancing calendar that includes demonstration nights with dance cabaret performances from top class ballroom and Latin dance couples. It is possible to learn the Waltz, Quickstep, Foxtrot, Tango, Rumba, Jive, Cha Cha and following tuition there is an opportunity for social dancing which encourages members to try out what they have learnt

The University and Aberdeen City Council are the funding partners of The Aberdeen Sports Village, which aims to provide a variety of sports for all. The Sports Village also delivers a wide range of facilities and services that can be customised to the particular needs of organisations in and around Aberdeen. Their packages include gym membership with swimming, athletics or squash from less than 35 per month, and an all inclusive package for £45 per month.

If you didn’t mind spending a little more or you prefer a private health club, then you might like to try Cannons Health Club on Justice Mills Lane. The Club has become a Nuffield Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Centre and as well as the normal facilities you would expect from a private health club, Cannons are able to provide personal training services.

The personal trainers at Cannons have the expertise to deliver bespoke training programmes, specifically focusing on technique so that should you wish you to train on your own at the club, you can do so safely and effectively.

Whilst a gym environment may suit some people it doesn’t suit all, so there is another option.

Workout at home takes the personal training service one step further by delivering training sessions in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Workout at home has recently recruited Nick Kelly, who is an experienced and highly qualified personal trainer in Aberdeen. By getting Nick to come to you, you will save time not having to travel to the gym and you will not have to worry about what you wear. You do not even need to have your own fitness equipment because Nick will bring all the necessary equipment with him.

Martial Arts is steeped in a philosophical approach to increased fitness and the Aberdeen Martial Arts Group on Links Road advocates martial arts as a vehicle for personal growth and development. The focus is on mental fitness as well as physical fitness through responsibility taken for personal safety as self-defence methods are cultivated. The theory is that as higher martial arts training is achieved these higher standards are ultimately reached within the trainee. The arts on offer by the Aberdeen Martial Arts Group include jeet kune do, jun fan gung fu, the filipino martial arts, muay thai, jkd grappling and brazilian jiu jitsu.

For those that want to focus on their core strength and stability then it’s well worth considering Pilates. Aberdeen Pilates Studio was established in 2001 and has continued to grow in popularity ever since. Pilates like martial arts incorporates philosophy with physical activity and aims to increase a person’s understanding of their mind as well as their body. Pilates can benefit people with acute injuries, chronic pain conditions, recovering from surgery, those with neurological conditions, who are pregnant or post natal and older adults. The Aberdeen Pilates Studio promotes Pilates as a safe and relaxing form of exercise. Many people associate yoga with relaxation and the people of Aberdeen find it releases tension caused by everyday stress and strain. However, the Love Yoga Studio that is based in Union Terrace in Aberdeen believes that Yoga is also a way of generating positive physical energy.

Through yoga, one’s body becomes stronger and more flexible. Again, the combination of focusing on the mind as well as the body is highlighted. Over time the techniques encourage participants to tune into thoughts, as well as their bodies. Love Yoga Studio offers choices from Traditional Hatha Yoga; Yin Yoga; Astanga Yoga (also known as Power Yoga); Private Classes; Dancing Yoga; Yoga for Kids; Workshops, Retreats; Prenatal Yoga; Shiatsu Massage and more.

Lastly but no means least don’t forget Boot camps. Not for everyone but if you are the type to enjoy a gruelling workout then it might be for you. GI Julie Boot Camp in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, offers a residential weight loss boot camp and a one day boot camp. Boot camp is about intensity and group bonding, but GI Julie also offers one to one personal training if someone is looking for some more individual attention.

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Source by Jason Korinek

Do You Really Want to be a Black Belt – Or Just Faking It?

Do You Really Want to be a BJJ Black Belt – Or Just Faking It?

Let’s say that you’re a BJJ Instructor and you have two students that show up to join your school on the same day. You talk to both of these prospective students to find out their backgrounds and this is what you learned about both of them:

After talking with Grappler #1 (G1), you learn that this grappler was:

– very confident, showing little or no self-doubt about wanting to achieve the BJJ Black belt

– very athletic and had been involved with martial arts since he was a child

– a black belt in a traditional martial art

– a successful point-fighting competitor and enjoyed competing

– owned every grappling video on the market at the time and would spend hours watching those tapes

– had a dedicated area in his apartment for grappling training

After talking with Grappler #2 (G2), you learn that he was:

– lacked self-confidence, just wanted to train and not sure about achieving black belt because he didn’t think that far ahead or see it as a goal

– wasn’t very athletic and had study martial arts for a few years as an adult

– never earned a black belt from another style because he didn’t stay dedicated to one style long enough to achieve the goal

– was afraid to compete and always lost in the few events that he’d participated in during his previous martial arts experience

– owned only one grappling video and didn’t watch it too often because the moves seemed too basic and weren’t that flashy for him at the time

As the instructor, if you had to make a prediction which of these two students would become a dedicated student and commit to training enough to become a bjj black belt, who would you choose?

Personally, I think the obvious choice is G1. In fact, that’s who I would’ve picked to be the more committed student and eventually earn a black belt. With that background, G1 seems guaranteed to make it to black belt and G2 probably won’t make it beyond blue belt.

And that’s what makes life funny, because things don’t always turn out the way they appear in the beginning. In real life, G1 (an old training partner) was a good student, a big fan of grappling, and will occasionally drag the gi out of the bottom of his closet to train a little to this day…but never made it to blue belt! It was G2 (me), the one unlikely to make it beyond blue belt, that fought through all my roadblocks to reach black belt.

The reason I gave this scenario is to emphasize the point that there is no way of telling “who’ll make it to black belt” or not. If you find yourself closer to G2 (me) in the scenario above, know that you can reach your black belt goal if you’re willing to work hard, listen to the people around you that have been where you’re trying to go, and always believe that you’re going to achieve your goal to become a bjj black belt, no matter how long it takes! And it may take a long time and be a difficult journey for you. But the more difficulty you encounter along the way, the greater the satisfaction will be when you reach the destination. And your destination should be the black belt!

The only thing that can stop you from reaching your black belt goal is you. So, do you really want to be a bjj black belt…or just faking it?

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NEW Sanabul Essentials V 2 Ultra Light Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi BJJ Gi

sanabul jiu jitsu gisSanabul Essentials Version 2 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi BJJ Gi

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NEWLY UPDATED Sanabul Essentials Version 2 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi (Kimono)

The Sanabul Essentials BJJ Gi is an elegantly designed Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi that is both light on the wallet and on the scale, a necessity for beginners and experts alike. While a few other companies offer a similar price point, their gi’s do not include some of the features that make the Sanabul Essentials BJJ Gi a great a value.

• Preshrunk fabric. (reviews of the BJJ gi shrinking after washing are referring to the previous version of the gi). We listened to customer feedback about the original material and now use a preshrunk ultra light weight pearl weave fabric (ONLY ULTRA LIGHT WEIGHT BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU GI ON THE MARKET TO HAVE PRESHRUNK MATERIAL). Please note that the material is like any other preshrunk cotton material, it will not shrink on a cold wash with hang drying but will shrink slightly in a hot wash or when machine dried.
• Ultra light weight Pearl Weave fabric perfect for a summer training, competitions, or just because you want a light comfortable BJJ gi. Even though this is a single weave Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi it still has the durability of a double weave kimono
• New size chart to accommodate most body types. Our gi still has a tapered athletic cut without all the excess gi material and bagginess of a traditional martial arts gi
• Many of our customers practice both Brazilian jiu jitsu AND judo with this gi.

Size Height Weight (lbs)
A1 5’3″-5’8″ 135-165
A2 5’8″-5’11” 165-190
A3 5’11”-6’2″ 195-220
A4 6’2″-6’5″ 220-250

Click the ADD TO CART button above and start training with Sanabul products. Satisfaction guaranteed or you can return your unused product for a full refund!

The best and only BRAND NAME BJJ gi at this price point is now better than ever. Our Essential Gi is extremely popular and sells out so fast that competing brands have had people intentionally write negative reviews in order to slow down our sales. If you have already bought our gi before and are looking to buy another, please check the new size chart as we have updated our size guide
No more shrinking! The Essentials v.2 is the only ultra light weight gi on the market that is preshrunk. You do not need to worry about the old reviews about the gi shrinking because now you can wash the gi in cold water and hang dry without the gi becoming smaller. Note that if you intentionally want the gi to shrink you can wash it in hot water and put it in the dryer but even then you will still only get minimal shrinkage
New size chart to accommodate most body types. Our gi has a tapered athletic cut without all the excess gi material and bagginess of a traditional martial arts gi. If you already own our original Essentials gi and are looking to buy v.2, please check the new size chart as we have updated our size guide
The light weight fabric is perfect for summer training, competitions, or just because you want a light comfortable gi. Our single weave gi is more durable than other single weave kimonos. The fabric also has an Antimicrobial and Anti Odor treatment which helps to prevent the spread of bacterial and fungal infections
We care about our customers and listen to all your feedback. As of Nov 8 2015, our new Essential v.2 gis have additional features such as preshrunk light weight fabric, stiffer rubberized collar, updated design and size chart, and compact-stitch embroidery, which consists of dense tightly knit threads

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Purchasing Jiu Jitsu Gis

Jiu Jitsu is a martial art that is performed on the ground and is based on certain techniques that involve a lot of flexibility. It is for this reason that you have to be very careful in buying the uniform. The quality of the cloth and its stitching is of utmost importance. Besides this, the uniform has to have a proper fit. When the Jiu Jitsu uniforms match all these qualities, only then it is worthy of being purchased. The dress may have the perfect look and color but may not fit you and be very uncomfortable as it can tear in between an act and cause a lot of discomfort and embarrassment.

The material of the Jiu Jitsu Gi can be of single weave. This means that the cloth will be very thin and light. It is of great utility in summer, as it gives comfort while training as well as while participating in a tournament. The dress must fit you perfectly as it helps proper movements. As the cloth is of single weave, you have to be careful as it undergoes wear and tear easily. If you use it with care it will last for quite some time

The next type of Jiu Jitsu dress/uniform is of the double weave variety. It lasts longer than the single weave. The dress is thick and durable. It is usually tough and stiff in nature. As it is double weave, it is thick and very comfortable too. It is very difficult to get a hold on the collar due to this reason. It is a long lasting uniform for which you don’t have to bother. The third type of dress is the gold weave dress. As the dress is very tough and durable, it does not tear easily. It fits slightly better than the double weave uniform. In comparison to the single weave it is thicker. It has a very good quality.

The Jiu Jitsu Gi pants are of great importance as a lot depends on the drawstrings of the pant. In looks, it is a bit different from the normal kimono pants. Rope drawstrings are more durable and it holds the pant in place too rather than string-tie pants. They are wider and more durable. Some have a wide opening near the ankle whereas some are tapered. It is on the basis of the opening near the ankle that the opponent can grab the leg of the participant or the one who is wearing the pant.

The dress is incomplete without the belts that not only holds the jacket in place but also tells you the category of the fighter. You can purchase your uniform from mainly two companies- Atama and Keiko. The uniforms made by Atama are tough and durable and so are those made by Keiko. In case of the pants, it is the drawstrings of Atama that is made up of string-tie that causes inconvenience. While that of Keiko is made up of rope string. The pants are tapered in case of Atama that makes holding of the knee difficult during a game. The Keiko pants are wider that gives ample opportunities to your opponent. The best part about the Jiu Jitsu Gi is that they are made in such a manner that they last for quite a while. You can buy your dress from MMA Warehouse too.