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What Trying to Choke Grown Men Has Taught Me About Business and Life
I guess that's the reason why I love jiu-jitsu. It's just so…honest. The cool thing about Brazilian jiu-jitsu is that unlike striking sports (boxing, muay Thai, etc) you can spar with 100 percent intensity because the goal is to submit your partner …
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Nefeli Papadakis of Gurnee is member of Team USA's youth judo squad
Ed Reyes of the Victory BJJ club coaches her in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and she also works out and trains at other area clubs. One of the problems with trying to be the best in the world is that traveling to camps and meets can be expensive. Papadakis …
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Scott Eastwood on Keeping Super Fit: 'If It's Part of Your Life Then It's Not
"So a good day for me would be hit the gym, do some sort of cross training in the gym and then go surfing and then maybe take a jiu-jitsu class at night or go swimming at night or go stand up paddle boarding in the evening." He added, "So you're doing …
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