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Zach Makovsky: The Goal is the Belt
Makovsky's home base is in Philadelphia working with Martinez BJJ, Drexel University's wrestling team, Stay Fly Muay Thai and striking coach Ricky Lee. Outside of “The City of Brotherly Love,” Makosky makes weekly trips to train with Garcia and Phil …
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Gi Vs No Gi – The Classic Mixed Martial Arts Debate
In my final article on the deserves of Judo and BJJ, I alluded to the basic “Gi vs. No Gi” debate. I'm positive that each MMA and BJJ website on the internet has skilled a number of postings on this matter and while skilled practitioners of “alive …
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Where have the jiu jitsu fighters gone?
Fabricio Werdum, the Interim Heavyweight Champion, is the only fighter from Sport Jiu Jitsu to have UFC gold around his waist. Meanwhile six current UFC champions hail from the ranks American folk-style wrestling. T.P. Grant takes a deeper look on why …
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