Grappling in Mixed Martial Arts

Grappling is the controlling of an opponent through gripping and handling, without the use of striking. Grappling is a key element in ground fighting and clinching, both important aspects of mixed martial arts fighting, as well as other martial arts. It is not, in itself, a martial art, but rather a part of many different martial arts, such as judo and BJJ. Many people who are interested in MMA, especially in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC, are keen on learning grappling techniques.

Grappling is a series of moves and techniques that are designed to dominate an opponent without using blows. The three primary grappling techniques often used are throws, joint locks, and pins. Sweeps and escapes are also used.

Grappling can be divided into two categories – stand-up grappling, or clinching, and ground grappling. Usually, in martial arts competitions, the two opponents stand up when they face off at the beginning of a match. Stand-up grappling plays an important role in which opponent takes on the dominant role at the beginning of the match. Being a successful stand-up grappler is an important part of being a successful martial artist in the arts such as judo. Offensive grappling methods include throws, submission holds, and take downs. This is the type of grappling used in wrestling. Defensive grappling is concerned with escaping submission holds as well as pain-compliance holds. Pain compliance holds use joint lock or compression lock techniques, causing pain to a joint or a muscle. These holds should only be done under supervision.

Ground grappling moves are used when both competitors are on the ground. A key element in ground grappling is positioning and gaining dominance. It is important to gain dominance once on the ground, to avoid a submission hold or a pin hold. The dominant grappler will want to use a submission hold on the other fighter, while the other fighter is concentrating on escaping the submission hold. These positions can switch quickly and both competitors need to be well educated and well practiced in these techniques.

Grappling techniques are very important to learn when studying mixed martial arts. It is nearly impossible to be a successful MMA fighter without mastering both the stand-up and ground grappling techniques. Practicing these techniques through the study of Brazilian or Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is a very effective form of training. Training by studying either freestyle or Greco Roman wrestling is effective as well.

Since learning to be an effective grappler is an important part of mixed martial arts training, it's important to choose a MMA school in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC that has a strong emphasis on grappling. Look for one that teaches BJJ. Once you find a school that offers this, talk to some of the teachers and members of the classes. Ask questions about how effective the training is and how rigorous. Make sure the school meets your needs and wants as a MMA. Be careful to choose a school that allows you to progress at your own rate and does not throw you into situations where you are uncomfortable. Choose a mixed martial arts school where you feel comfortable and you share a sense of community.

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