Current MMA Fight Organizations and Promoters

Mixed Martial Arts(MMA) is one of the fastest growing sports in world, however, many people still don’t know anything about it. The biggest fight promotion in the world would have to be Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). This is what many people think of when they hear about MMA. However, to the more devote MMA fans, UFC is just one of the many fight organizations.

It can be confusing to the lay person, especially now. The UFC just merged with its sister fight promotion the WEC. When it first started the WEC had all of the normal fight weights. Though over time it was whittled down to the very little guys that fought in the 135, 145, and 155 pound weight classes. With the addition of the WEC into the UFC, the UFC will now have two more weight classes. They will also be able to see if some of the best in the 155lb division are really the best or will be challenged by the WEC fighters.

This is not the first merger for the UFC. A few years ago they merged with Pride Fighting. Pride Fighting at the time was a Japanese fighting organization. They also did MMA, though some of their rules were a little different. For example, they fought in a ring, allowed striking in the head when one fighter was standing and the other was on the ground and their time limits were set up a little different. Many times fighters that got cut from the UFC would go fight in Pride or Pride fighters would come and fight in the UFC. Since their merger there is no Pride Fighting anymore.

These are not the only fight organizations out there today. Strikeforce and Bellator are just a few of the bigger organizations out there. Strikeforce and the UFC have been known to not get along. This is because their fighters are under contract to only fight for their promotions. When joint ventures have been suggested, things have not worked out so well for either side. It is not uncommon for fighters to jump organizations when their contracts are up.

The only downside of this is that the fans don’t get to see some of the top fighters in the world compete against each other. All they will be able to do is argue back and forth who the better fighter is. Overall, this is good since it fosters a healthy competition between the fight promotions.

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Source by Nick Samuel